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we own $nvda, $odfl, $ma, $adbe, and $inmd. nvdia is our largest holding just because we bought in 2016 and it has gone crazy as you know.

someone last october put out a list of 20 undervalued companies on the twitter machine and i thought it may have been your account. anyhow, i wrote down all 20 stocks and made a tracker for them vs. the s+p in google sheets and my blog and wanted to credit the author. the list contained many of these same compounders with the added benefit of many being like virtual monopolies or duopolies. FYI that list is outperforming the sp500 by 11% in only 4-5 months.

here is the link to the sheet in case anyone wants to save themselves a copy to modify for their own use. it also contains a further list of stocks i own or have evaluated. it's a good jumping off point for further research. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XTv7ejyNsyc_iC7XpSvuUIrWlV0hZ8JOs5m3tFKkPiA/edit#gid=0

it's good stuff you write here.

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In our opinion, one of these companies stands out as different-Old Dominion Freight Line. Its crazy and fascinating that a trucking company makes the top 10 on the list. Speaks to the company's management over the years.

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any particular screeners to use for criteria above ?

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Sir you are great

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Agree with you on all of them except Inmode. The RF technology is everything except novel.

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